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Ministry of Road Transport Stated: DigiLocker Documents Must Be Accept by Traffic Police

Ministry of Road Transport Stated: Digital India App DigiLocker Documents Must Be Accept by Traffic Police Ministry of Road Transport Stated that DigiLocker or mParivahan Documents Must Be Accept by Traffic Police for Driving license and vehicle registration. India Government support Digital life and this DigiLocker is a key initiative of the Digital India movement. So […]

Best Live TV App Works in GCC

live tv apps

Best Live TV App Works in GCC With the growth of online and on-demand services, the television broadcasting industry has changed so much in the last few years. Those days of eagerly waiting to catch the latest weekly episode of your favorite show the moment it was broadcast is gone away. Those days of needing […]

Vlogit – Free Video Editor

vlogit video editor

Vlogit – Free Video Editor Vlogit app is another free video editor app available for free in Google Play Store. This pretty Android video editor app exclusively made for YouTubers and Vloggers. Today, most of the people like to share their travel experience or other things in their life in YouTube channels. People earns money […]


telegram whatsapp

TELEGRAM WHATSAPP. WHICH IS GOOD? Telegram WhatsApp, two equally good communication applications. Both of them have lots of similarities, at the same time those have differences too. First of all, you just know about its features and choose which is more preferable for your use. WhatsApp is a widely establishing communication app that was released […]

GB WhatsApp is safe or Not?

GB whatsapp is safe or not

GB WhatsApp is safe or Not? First of all, I just explain what is GB WhatsApp for the people who are unaware of GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is an Android application similar to WhatsApp, but have some additional features that are not present in official WhatsApp application. It is a very popular application and lots […]

Truthify, An App Identifying our Emotions

emotion app truthify

Truthify, An emotion app Identifying our Emotions Truthify, an emotion app. When we are sad, our best friends easily identified it. And they ask for the reason for our emotions. If we are smiling, Crying or any of our emotions other peoples can easily identify. Are you think about a machine identifying your emotions? Artificial […]

How to Delete WhatsApp account Permanantly

delete WhatsApp Account

How to Delete WhatsApp account Permanantly WhatsApp, the popular messenger application. Because of its user-friendly features, it has millions of users now. We can send Text messages, Photos, Videos, Documents, Location, Contacts, even sending money via WhatsApp. Many people spending their time with friends and family through WhatsApp. We can easy to use WhatsApp, at […]

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