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Best Budgeted Gaming Phones 2021 Year End

Best Budgeted Gaming Phones 2021: A Smartphone has different kinds of uses. We always try to purchase Smartphones that suit our needs. Gamers always need to have smartphones with good specifications. Mobile Games like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobiles, Fortnite, and Asphalt 9 are becoming increasingly popular. Many mid-range chips from MediaTek and […]

Best 5 GPS Navigation Apps of 2021

Search Places on Google Map in Malayalam

Best 5 GPS Navigation Apps of 2021: There are many maps applications available for your smartphone. The map applications really help us to find the best routes, alerts traffic issues and a lot more useful features are come up with these applications. Today here I’m sharing some best 5 GPS Navigation Apps available now. GOOGLE […]

Setup your Old Smartphone as CCTV Camera

alfred home security camera

The smartphone is a smart device ever. It helps us to do many things in our day to day life. From morning to evening we all carrying our smartphone for different use. Technology improving every day. So Smartphone like products gets new updates. Every smartphone user wants the latest trending handset for their personal use. […]

Android Apps for Listening Malayalam Songs

free music malayalam

Get an Access to Free Music Malayalam (Malayalam Old/Melody/Romantic/ Hits Songs) Malayalam is a great language fulfill with so many great poets and musicians. So the Malayalam film industry is very rich in their contribution. We can’t count the total number of Malayalam songs. Malayalam songs have a great number of fans worldwide. If you […]

How to Repair Damaged Video File


How to Repair Damaged Video File: Increasing the use of smartphones, we all creating beautiful videos of beautiful moments in our life. But sometimes our favorite videos may get damaged. Repairing a damaged video is very hard. Sometimes we can’t get the videos back as its normal state. Usually, a video gets damaged when we […]

How to Copy Text From Image

copy text from image

How to Copy Text From Image Are you trying for copying text from an Image? Are you think it’s not possible? If you think it’s not possible, then I want to say that’s your mistake. Normally we can’t copy text from image is true. But we can do it by using some good software. All […]

How to use Google Assistant in Malayalam

Google Assistant in Malayalam

How to use Google Assistant in Malayalam: Are you ever used Google Assistant? It really helps us to do lots of tasks easily. We all know that today technology is well developed and products like smartphones, applications are also getting more advanced. Google Assistant relies on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. We can communicate with Google […]

Download Aadhaar Card Online via UIDAI

download aadhaar card

Download Aadhaar Card Online using UIDAI Website: Aadhaar is the most valuable thing every Indian citizen carried with them. It is one of the most important documents used for identification purposes in India. So every Indian holds his/her unique identification Aadhaar card. The Supreme Court in its verdict declared that Aadhaar is constitutionally valid. According […]

How to hide WhatsApp number from others

hide whatsapp number

How to hide WhatsApp number from others: WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application that allows you to chat, call, sent photos and videos, and more. Basically, WhatsApp is a mobile application that can also be used in Desktop with Whatsapp web. WhatsApp requires a phone number that you actually own to start the service. […]

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